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Ebisu (恵比須, 恵比寿, 夷, 戎), also transliterated Yebisu or called Hiruko (蛭子) or Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami (事代主神), is the Japanese god of fishermen, good luck, and workingmen, as well as the guardian of the health of small children. He is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神, Shichifukujin), and the only one of the seven to originate from Japan.

Welcome to Ebisu Japanese Restaurant, the people being sushi for all mankind, Never tried sushi or Japanese cuisine? Try us and we guarantees you will walk out hooked on our food. That's what we do best: making non-believers into believers that Japanese cuisine is the new comfort food


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You can take out any from our menu !

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